Though it’s not done, the QR’s were requested by dont-fuckle-with-shuckle, so I’ll post the ORAS coat, along with the previous RSE coat, and whenever I get a better look at Maxie’s back, I’ll reupload those. 

Additionally, I’ll probably recreate a top for Archie’s wetsuit, though it probably won’t look as nice. 



I decided to remake the umbrella Usagi had in today’s episode of Sailor Moon Crystal! It was cute and seemed easy enough. I guess mine isn’t the -best-, but it’s something haha


I made some new fall outfits for both my mayors in my towns. I really liked how they turned out and thought I’d share them with you!


my first qr code! based off of talkingtotheanimals ‘s sprinkle dress guide/tutorial which can be found here 

if any of you adorable mayors uses my qr code please submit the pictures to me or post them so i can put them on my blog! 


I made Fukami’s clothes in ACNL!

Get the QR codes here: Younger!Fukami + Older!Fukami


another qr code made by me! i used tutorials by acnlapparel for the skirt and talkingtotheanimals for the bow

if any of you mayors ends up using my qr code please send me pictures through tumblr so i can put them on my page! thank you image


Based of off this dress!
(not particularly pleated, I just forgot to change the name from the design I edited uwu)


★ Autumn Ruffles ★ // Autumn Dresses 2k14 2/??


Dreamy Dress :)